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Dr. Bob has treated me now for 2 years and I cant say enough about how good he is. I am 97 years old and most chiropractors are afraid to touch me, they think Ill break or something. But Dr Bob goes right to work and finds my sore spots and works them out. He also has a very good massage chair that I love to sit in. It really gets in there and works things out.

- Rev. Roy Pratt, 97 years young

I had a bad car wreck and hurt my neck, back and shoulder. I also had a concussion that the emergency room doctor missed. My headaches were terrible and plus the back and neck pain I was miserable. Dr. Kirby was so nice and understanding. He took time to show me where I was hurt and what was going on. He took the hospital records and read them over to me with words I understand not the big $100 doctor words on the reports. He showed me the MRI pictures and explained why I was having the pain down my legs from my back. He was just so caring, you could tell he felt your pain.

- Angela Moore

I have been coming to see Dr. Kirby since he took over the office and I am very satisfied with the help he gives me. I have several problems from several accidents over the years and I have degenerated bones in my neck and back. I hurt all the time it seems like. But Dr Kirby takes times to work on your back and neck for several minutes with laser therapy units and ultrasound. I have bad feet and he used a foot whirlpool and ultrasound in it and my feet feel brand new when its done. His buffer massager also feels incredible and works out sore spots and pain. I have been to several chiropractors over the years, probably 15 or more and he is by far the best. Plus he is a great guy and funny to talk to. Doesnt talk down to you.

- Rick Beasley

Lexington KY Chiropractic Clinic

Congratulations on deciding to search for a Lexington chiropractic center. After making your first appointment at the Lexington, KY, chiropractic clinic, you can start on the road to recovery. Our team is anxious to get started so that you can see the wonderful work we perform at our Lexington chiropractic clinic. So contact us now and let's book your first exam at our Lexington, Kentucky, chiropractic clinic. We can't wait to meet you and your family at our Lexington chiropractic facility; we know that you'll be happy you chose us.

In case you are wondering, here are some things to anticipate on your initial visit to our Lexington chiropractic center. You will need to complete some paper work during your first visit at our Lexington chiropractic clinic so that we can be informed of the severity of your condition, if you've had a history of the symptoms, if you have an insurance provider, etc. Upon completion of the required paperwork at the Lexington, KY, chiropractic clinic, the doctor will provide your first exam so that we can properly diagnose your condition. Once you are finished with your initial examination at the Lexington chiropractic facility, the next step is for the doctor and team of experts to recommend a comprehensive treatment strategy to treat your condition.

During your healing process, we hope that our Lexington chiropractic center can guide you through each part of your recovery. During each step of the process, our staff at our Lexington, KY chiropractic clinic will keep you posted on how you are doing and work with you to get you feeling better as quickly as possible. We believe that if you keep working with our Lexington chiropractic offices throughout your treatment, you will see great results. Our Lexington, KY, chiropractic clinic staff will be sure to answer any questions and relieve any of your doubts.

As you begin to feel better and return to normal, the staff at the Lexington chiropractic center has additional plans for your health. In order to continue on the route to healthfulness, our Lexington, KY, chiropractic clinic staff will provide you with advice on keeping a healthy eating and exercising routine. The Lexington chiropractic facility wishes you much health for as long as possible. Furthermore, we would of course love the opportunity to treat your family at our Lexington chiropractic center, so invite them in and let's make it a family affair!

We appreciate your interest in our Lexington chiropractic center and we look forward to seeing you at your first appointment. Book your initial consultation with our chiropractor soon!

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